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Adult day care services:


CADC Corp. is committed to providing our young and elder adults with a comprehensive wellness program, which meets their social, medical, psychological and recreational needs.

Our services allow caregivers free time during the day in addition to peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe, caring and productive environment. Our staff is dedicated to providing optimal care and support.


Our General Services Include:

  • Fitness & Exercise Programs
  • RN Services
  • Personal Care
  • Entertainment & Socialization
  • Transportation
  • Nutritional Breakfast, Lunch & Snack served daily
  • Current Events & Reading
  • Music & Dance
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Field Trips & Shopping

Programs for the developmentally

Disabled & Mentally Imparied:


Adult day training at CADC Corp. provides a variety of activities and social interactions, reflecting the needs and goals of individuals with disabilities; including educational programs, recreational outings, community volunteering, and creating.

Through play and dynamic group interaction our programs allow developmentally disabled individuals to reach independence in personal care, improve the long-term abilities and facilitate a successful integration into the community through:

  • Sensorial - Improve contact with the environment through the use of audio, visual, tactile and olfactory senses
  • Social & Ethics Attitude - Promoting interactions with the surrounding community
  • Language - Promote both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication
  • Mobility - Stimulate both gross and fine motor skills & increased dexterity
  • Cognitive & Creative -
    Enriching the process of resolution  of problems, recognition of detail
    & established analogies
Our clients maintain their dignity and remain part of the community. Their quality of life is enhanced and enriched through our personalized care and specialized programs.

We at CADC Corp provide a comprehensive approach to med-waiver program services that include:

  • Respite
  • Companion
  • Behavior Services at Home
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Adult Day Training


We accept medicaid waiver, most major HMOs, longterm care plans and private pay.


7944 SW 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33144

Open Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm

PHONE: 305-269-6845
FAX: 305-269-6847
CELL: 786-236-7329
TEXT: 305-496-9697